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Design Roulette, Beijing

Bryan Tarrant began his career in London as a hospitality and residential design consultant before relocating to North America where he worked with Hirsch Bedner & Associates (HBA) starting in 1976. He then spent the next 30 plus years travelling the world and working as a Design Principal with other well respected design organizations, including Frank Nicholson (1981-1984), Bent Severin (1993-1995), Wilson Associates Dallas (1996-1998), Bob Barry (1998-2001). He returned to HBA from 2000 to 2005, then formed his own design Practice Bantastudio in 2006.  Bryan has earned numerous design awards, including six Hospitality Design Gold Key Awards, and the President’s Award for Excellence presented from Stouffer Hotels & Resorts. His portfolio reflects his global background with projects in major cities in the world including India, Egypt, UAE, the Virgin Islands, Japan, China and England, as well as many high-profile projects in the United States.  As a vice president of design for Stouffer Hotels & Resorts (1983-1993), Bryan developed a deep understanding of programming, budgeting and the corporate finance aspect of the hospitality business.