ADF: Asia Design Forum
What we do


Provoke thought and innovation in the architectural community doing work in Asia.


Serve as a multimedia think tank for generating, developing, and exchanging innovative ideas for the advancement of architecture and design in Asia. ADF convenes conferences, organizes talks and panel discussions, mounts exhibitions and competitions, funds research, publishes books and articles in all media, advocates for good design and planning, and challenges existing norms of thinking and practice. ADF is a critical resource for design firms and clients in sharpening their thinking and honing their skills—keeping their work fresh, meaningful, and connected to the cultures and communities within which they work. In short, ADF is an engine for innovation.

Why ADF?

Because innovation needs a home. Architects, designers, and developers busy working in Asia need a place—whether physical, virtual, or nomadic—that connects them to the most important people, ideas, and information driving innovation in the 21st century. ADF is that place. It is the home where architects go—whether in person or on-line—to discover new directions for their work. It serves as a driver of good design and planning— working with city, regional, and national governments to improve their communities and the physical environment.

Who We Are:

We are a nonprofit think tank bringing together the creative energies of architects, designers, planners, clients, artists, writers, curators, and thinkers shaping the built environment in Asia. We come from different parts of the world and different disciplines, but share a concern for the places people live, work, play, and learn in. To meet our board of directors, click here.